Continuing in my theme of Zen as related to the modern classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance…

I thought one of the greatest ideas I took from this reading was about how your state of mind is the key to the level of anxiety and stress in your life. It is how you approach not just the world, but each obstacle you face, however small, that is the difference in attaining that even small amount of  Zen. This book cannot be adequately paraphrased or quoted but this is how I would describe the main idea.

It is peace of mind and oneness with your surroundings and situation that produces the circumstances for a solution to reveal itself.

If you need a better grip on the basic description of Zen I think Wikipedia does it right.

The descriptions help, but what I really want to get at is the way in which these ideas of oneness with your surroundings and simplicity can be incorporated into your life. Especially your interiors.

I think the, Enso, the calligraphy symbol used to illustrate true enlightenment is a great place to start.


In Western culture I most closely associate this with the Elegy’s of Motherwell. I have had to privilege to view a few of these in person. The harmony of these shapes bring about a peaceful and thoughtful state of mind.


These images are wonderful and the basic ideas in each composition can be adapted to a more meditative and peacful home. It does help that when you look for Asian inspired furnishings that they are ususally minimal in details, but high on form and function. That however is for tomorrow…..