Okay so if you have read the last two posts you have an idea of where we are going with this. It just so happens that not only do I have a thing for inspiring literature, but I LOVE Asian and modern furnishings.

I always have preferred the clean and uncluttered look of an California Modern home to that of a frilly Victorian. I will concede that not one is in anyway better than the other.

I simply feel that as much stimulation we all receive from billboards on the interstate to well, the internet, that a home should never feel over stimulating.

I do not think that Asian style is by any means the only way to achieve this feeling.  It is about having things in the proper scale for the room and editing the number of accessories to only those with the most impact. I am guilty of the later.

It is easy to get carried away because there is usually a good reason to have many things displayed. Either it was my grandmothers or we bought this on that trip or my favorite excuse “it is so cute”! I think the answer is to have things that you rotate in and out with seasons. Just please don’t have it all out at once.

I found a couple room images that to me are well edited and comfortable.



I love this room because the rug and wall color are the source of warmth  while the accessories are just the right amount of pop.

I find neutrals like this brown can be the perfect answer for anyone who is afraid of committing to a wall color. This brown is rich and bold without being overstated or distracting.

The key to this for me is a well chosen punch of color. Just brown and linen are a bit bland. The orange in this rug and pillow are perfect. I think a coral or even fuchsia would also work well. Just be sure to keep your color palette limited and add those bright splashes in only a few well chosen areas or else you may loose that sense of calm we are trying to achieve.

The other pieces in here that make it work for me are the simple yet graphic end table and the dramatic organic element. Do not discount house plants or arrangements of floral material. They add softness, life, and here in particular another color to the room.




I just love the use of wallpaper to create texture almost like it is another fabric in this bedroom.

Wallpaper has been a trend on the rise lately and those of use whom are too young to appreciate it from previous decades are really embracing it. Those of you who have removed wallpaper from those previous decades are probably hard to convince of its brilliance. In the spirit of Zen for the home I would stick to something like the example above. Find something classic with a monochromatic and neutral pallet and a simple pattern.

Check out http://www.wallpaperstore.com for tons of options. Make sure to look at it in a room view to get an idea for the scale of the patterns.

I was also drawn to this platform bed. The simplicity of the frame and bedding is really eye catching in a good way.

Bed skirts just seem to clutter a space and reminds me of the dust that the alternate name dust ruffle alludes too. In the same way that modern sofas have lost that little skirt on the bottom I think beds need to loose the skirts.

The limiting of accessories, using furnishings with strong clean lines, and simple color palettes create the sense of peace and calm that I think we could all use more of in our homes.