I must admit that when I start with the intention of staying minimal and modern with accessories I tend toward the organic and natural materials. This can sometimes lead you toward a more ethnic or Moroccan theme which is also quite beautiful.

I just found a few things that I fell in love with while searching around for those Asian and minimal items for my previous post.


I love the lines on this wine rack. It makes this a piece of graphic art as well as a practical kitchen item. I found this one at World Market, which I must admit is a favorite place to get lost for an hour.


These teak bowls I found on http://www.haikudesigns.com. They are great as a serving bowl, on the coffee table as a focal point or in the foyer as a funky place to drop keys and change.

381798_mika_woven_screen1This woven room divider is perfect for adding some texture to a corner. For those living in small apartments in the city it makes since as a way to define that small living/bedroom area.

I was drawn to the warm color and texture of this piece and honestly it just seemed like something so versatile that it would have endless uses in anyone’s home.