To me it is great travel and collecting that make for the most interesting homes. A showroom perfect home with  all brand new items is not really a home to me.

Okay so there used to be a home that I would drive past on occasion in my home town  and in the evenings you could see in just a few windows. Don’t pretend this is weird why else do people read design magazines. We all want to see into the windows of someone elses beautiful and well appointed home.  What I could glimpse in this home were walls covered with art and photographs and it all seemed exotic and colorful. That is what I call an interesting home.

To me a home evolves over time. I don’t want to walk into a 23 year old’s apartment and see the same amount of furnishings and accessories that you find in your grandmothers home. Your grandmother earned those beautiful furnishings, vinyl albums, china, handmade blankets, and any other number of treasures. In a recent issue of Atlanta Home & Lifestyles they featured a home of this sort. It was a collaboration between the professionals and the homeowner to combine and revive the many life experiences of a well traveled and well educated couple.






Photography by Mali Azima