So recently I have been on a French kick. It started with reading A Tale of Two Cities and now I’ve moved on to Madame Bovary. I search wine shops for great Bordeaux wines, which is hard to find in a small town, and I’m dreaming of a home in the French country or a Paris apartment.

Until that dream comes true I am satisfying the need for lovely french interiors by scouring the internet.

For that trip into the city I found a quaint hotel called Chateaubriand. The rooms make me feel like I’ve been transported in time.



I also found another beautiful blog that I now must follow. had some of the most beautiful images of a Paris apartment. I am so ready to move in. There is just something about the details in the moldings and of course the signature parquet floors that gives these rooms the elegance of royalty. I love how these beautiful furnishings manage to seem casual and off hand. I would die to have killer windows like the ones below.