I love furnishings with a sense of history. I especially love reupholstered antique furniture. I dream of a set of Louis IV dining chairs reupholstered with bright fuchsia and zebra print. So of course I am addicted to the before & afters on Design Sponge. I don’t have the room to do any of my own furniture renovation projects so I must live vicariously and dream of scouring antique shops and thrift stores for that perfect piece to reinvent.

Design Sponge recently featured Chairloom, a company that specializes in just such renovation of old treasures. I have inherited one really cool piece that is very much like the wing back chair shown below. I love the playfulness of this pattern, although for my own piece I want something a bit more classic and contemporary like wide navy and ivory stripes.



I am currently looking for a job in the Atlanta or Savannah areas of Georgia so I have been researching all of the great shops and design centers. I found one located in the ADAC that had some truly beautiful antiques.It also has a really cool name Bjork Antikt. I love the Norwegian clock below. It looks like something out of Dr. Seuss. I also have to pause whenever something is described as Norweigen since I have a fondness for a certain NC family with viking roots. The chairs, well, they kind of speak for themselves. I love the print and the seriously comfortable looking shape.


Bjork Antikt


Bjork Antikt