I don’t know exactly what it is about  maps. Maybe it is the kid in me looking for a map to buried treasure. There is something exciting and adventurous about maps.  My favorite part of planning a trip is scouring through the atlas and mapping the routes to be taken. It builds  excitement for an upcoming trek, but there is also something rather beautiful about maps. The colors, legends and compositions formed by all those intersecting lines create some really great images themselves.

I am especially drawn to really old and antique maps and I absolutely love them when framed well and treated like art. Some of them are just that.

I found a website called Rare Maps that sells antique and rare maps. I wanted to share a few of them that I was particularly intrested in.

Each one is so beautiful in its own right. It really seems that each was treated with as much care as an artist. I could see these used of course in a library, but what I would love to do is have a couple maps of my favorite wine producing regions to use in my own tasting room!

How great would it be to start a map collections based on your vacations? Then instead of some useless nick knack you can start building a beautiful collection that has more meaning and memories.

What sort of map collection would you want to start?