I’m finally back from my vacation and ready to dive back into this online world of design. It was quite freeing to not check my email or Facebook or anything else for a while. However now that I’m back I feel ready to share some saved up inspiration.

I always bring a book with me to the beach and usually it’s one I haven’t started yet so that I feel the urge to finish it before I get back home. This vacation I started One Hundred Years of Solitude. That is another source of inspiration for me right now, but I’ll save it for later.

Starting a new book to me always makes me think of that beautiful library that I’m working on. I am always drawn to rooms that make a large wall sized bookshelf the focal point. They offer so much color and interest to a room. Is it wrong that I like to see how many books I’ve read?

I found these rooms on Living Etc and they offer just the color and since of collection that I really love for a living room.