Okay so about this time of year I feel like I just can’t get enough time in the sun. I literally want to eat every meal outside, take naps outside, read in a hammock, well you get the picture. So I was very excited to see the feature on outdoor living in Elle Decor!

I guess I’m not the only one who feels this way come May first. So I decided to share some of those beautiful spaces.

outdoor-decorating-ideas-decks-and-terraces-ed0509_greatid18-1I just want to be in this place. The canopy is so fun and luxurious feeling. Only royalty get to lounge in big tents outdoors.

outdoor-decorating-ideas-decks-and-terraces-ed0509_greatid18-2I love how in this setting the furniture blend right into the garden. It fulfills my desire to lie down in the grass without getting grass stains on my favorite sun dress.

outdoor-decorating-ideas-decks-and-terraces-ed0509_greatid18-3Okay seriously I might could actually live 24/7 in this outdoor room. It looks like they just moved the living room couch outside.