While flipping through my moms most recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine I came across a great new book. It’s for all of us out there who have a passion for creating beautiful spaces for ourselves, but even the best of us need some direction for our new projects.

Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy is like a style compass for those of us who tend to be a bit distracted by all the different points of inspiration in their life. I must admit that while I studied interior design and have pretty strong opinions of things I like, but it does help to kind of meditate on what really drives me in life and use that as my guide.

If you feel like you need more help than the book can offer or if you are just ready to invest in your personal style then you can do a one on one with Carrie to receive additional guidance.

Check out the BHG website for some of the two word combos that could describe your statement. I’m still working on mine, but I think organic treasure: systematically relaxed is the one that fits me best so far.