I am getting ready to start the process of looking for and moving into a new place. Hurray! Let the decorating begin. Best of all I am moving to the beach and since I have never lived at the coast I am thrilled by the prospect of incorporating the airy, sunny, sandy aspects of beach life into a home. Permanent Vacation!

I am looking forward to having more room and getting to spread out a bit more for my many craft and art projects. Of course this means I am obsessed with finding a very cool work surface. I found the perfect thing for a craft room in one of my favorite blogs The Inspired Room check out the link on my side bar to see what she has cooked up lately.

How cool and costal is this. I am absolutely in love with this desk! I don’t happen to keep any old doors around, but I believe I could find one at an antique shop or a salvage. I’m thinking that even a couple of tall shutters put together would work well too.