I have become an internet shopper in the last year mostly out of necessity. I don’t live in a city with any major shopping so I started getting my kicks online and found that my horizons where dramatically expanded.

Refinery29 has been the most exciting addition to my Google reader lately. Mostly because I love love the street style photography.

I think there has been a wonderful new perspective on fashion lately. It is what you live in and it is about the woman not the labels. Of course we all still want the beautiful DVF dress, but if we can’t quite get there its okay because you can rock that H&M just the same.

I would be lying if I didn’t mention that it was Lucky Magazines website that first got me started on this street style photography thing. This magazine really turned me on to fashion for the every woman. I love that they use their editors as models and seem to blur the line between couture runway shows and your local mall.

Happy reading!