I’m finally back from my vacation and ready to dive back into this online world of design. It was quite freeing to not check my email or Facebook or anything else for a while. However now that I’m back I feel ready to share some saved up inspiration.

I always bring a book with me to the beach and usually it’s one I haven’t started yet so that I feel the urge to finish it before I get back home. This vacation I started One Hundred Years of Solitude. That is another source of inspiration for me right now, but I’ll save it for later.

Starting a new book to me always makes me think of that beautiful library that I’m working on. I am always drawn to rooms that make a large wall sized bookshelf the focal point. They offer so much color and interest to a room. Is it wrong that I like to see how many books I’ve read?

I found these rooms on Living Etc and they offer just the color and since of collection that I really love for a living room.







photography by Brie Williams

Charleston Home featured the home of Angie Hranowskyin their most recent issue. I just can’t stop looking at these rooms. They are exquisite and fun and comfortable. Just perfect! The images above are a couple from the magazine article, but her website portfolio offers even more inspiration.

photography by Julia Lynn

I feel like these rooms are equally perfect for an afternoon with family and evenings in with the girls. I can’t say enough about her lovely interiors.  She is exactly the kind of designer I would just love to work for! Hint hint!

Okay so I found an article in Veranda that is exactly in line with my French obsession. A glamorous couple built a lovely home in Pebble Beach of all places and designed the decor around their love of all things Parisian. Click on the image to link to the article.

In honor of Easter I decided to round up some images of the beautiful Faberge eggs that inspired our funnest family traditions.

If you have some extra time to read up on the great treasures created by Carl Faberge you should check out this article on PBS. I’ll admit I’m a bit of a PBS dork, but really it is some of the best stuff on tv.

In effort to keep up on my posts I have created this one to publish itself the week of Easter. I am getting in a little beach time so forgive me for not posting much this week.

Have a great Easter weekend.

I don’t know exactly what it is about  maps. Maybe it is the kid in me looking for a map to buried treasure. There is something exciting and adventurous about maps.  My favorite part of planning a trip is scouring through the atlas and mapping the routes to be taken. It builds  excitement for an upcoming trek, but there is also something rather beautiful about maps. The colors, legends and compositions formed by all those intersecting lines create some really great images themselves.

I am especially drawn to really old and antique maps and I absolutely love them when framed well and treated like art. Some of them are just that.

I found a website called Rare Maps that sells antique and rare maps. I wanted to share a few of them that I was particularly intrested in.

Each one is so beautiful in its own right. It really seems that each was treated with as much care as an artist. I could see these used of course in a library, but what I would love to do is have a couple maps of my favorite wine producing regions to use in my own tasting room!

How great would it be to start a map collections based on your vacations? Then instead of some useless nick knack you can start building a beautiful collection that has more meaning and memories.

What sort of map collection would you want to start?

I usually talk about interiors mostly, but after visiting a seriously cute antique and consignment shop I have to share a discovery. I will have to dedicate more time to the very adorable store in Conover, North Carolina called Ruby Jo’s. Besides a treasure trove of antiques they carry a line of bags called Nest.

I love the artsy handmade quality of these clutches. I am currently in the market for a go anywhere clutch and one of these may work.

This little wristlette is a good candidate too. Now as a football fan in the south it becomes necessary to note that I am not an Alabama fan, but if I was I would already own this.

Check it out for yourself online and if you can go and check them out in person at Ruby Jo’s in Conover, NC! You will see and feel the quality of the product. I even love the slippers.

I have been obsessed with this color combination lately and of course I now seem to see it everywhere. I love the vibrant combination of pale Tiffany blue and either red or coral. It makes me think of the Mediterranean cost line, the terracotta pots full of geraniums and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. It definitely has that resort feel.

The great thing about this color combination is that you can really decide how vibrant you want the contrast to be by selecting a lower intensity red or by simple limiting the ratio of red to blue in the room.

Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home

This is my personal favorite. I just love the red chandelier and the Pear artwork is so cool. The powder blue walls are the perfect color compliment to the strong red focal points.



I really like this kitchen because the blue is so vibrant on its own that small splashes of red are all that is needed. Also note the black chandelier. Humm I guess I just love the non-traditional chandeliers.


Traditional Home

This is a great bedroom application. The blue is soft and subtle and just small splashes of coral on the lamp shades keep this room really calm while still using these dynamic colors.



Okay so for real this is my absolute favorite. This living room is so warm and inviting because they used lots of different reds and then added splashes of blue on the couch and in the artwork for a pleasing punch!

I feel like such a design dork when I talk like this, oh well! I’m curious as to what color combos you are seeing over and over out there?

Another artist that I have a new interest in after reading Alice b. Toklas is Kees Van Dongen. I didn’t have much inspiration for a post today so I just wanted to share some of his paintings that I loved. I am thinking of using these colors to inspire some jewelry I am working on. I hope to share some of those pieces on here very soon.





I can’t help myself, really. I keep coming across wonderful French inspired items that I just have to share. I don’t care if Toile is considered ‘over’ because I still love its classic nature inspired themes.

And boy if you want Toile then Pierre Deux is the place for you. I am especially tempted by this lovely tote. The neutral tone on tone is perfect since one of my least favorite things about tote bags is that they inevitably do not go with everything. This one really would go with everything in my closet.


Remember my obsession with antique chairs. Well I have this dream of a breakfast room table that has mismatched upholstered chairs around it. These two would be perfect candidates. Now I just need a settee…..


Okay really my taste is not always this formal or traditional. Honestly I like these things mixed in with modern color schemes or other furnishings. I found the most beautiful Baroque mirror at the Neiman Marcus website. This thing has got enough ump to hold its own on a seriously brightly colored wall,  say in a powder room?


Make each day more fabulous than the last!

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