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I have been obsessed with this color combination lately and of course I now seem to see it everywhere. I love the vibrant combination of pale Tiffany blue and either red or coral. It makes me think of the Mediterranean cost line, the terracotta pots full of geraniums and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. It definitely has that resort feel.

The great thing about this color combination is that you can really decide how vibrant you want the contrast to be by selecting a lower intensity red or by simple limiting the ratio of red to blue in the room.

Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home

This is my personal favorite. I just love the red chandelier and the Pear artwork is so cool. The powder blue walls are the perfect color compliment to the strong red focal points.



I really like this kitchen because the blue is so vibrant on its own that small splashes of red are all that is needed. Also note the black chandelier. Humm I guess I just love the non-traditional chandeliers.


Traditional Home

This is a great bedroom application. The blue is soft and subtle and just small splashes of coral on the lamp shades keep this room really calm while still using these dynamic colors.



Okay so for real this is my absolute favorite. This living room is so warm and inviting because they used lots of different reds and then added splashes of blue on the couch and in the artwork for a pleasing punch!

I feel like such a design dork when I talk like this, oh well! I’m curious as to what color combos you are seeing over and over out there?


Another artist that I have a new interest in after reading Alice b. Toklas is Kees Van Dongen. I didn’t have much inspiration for a post today so I just wanted to share some of his paintings that I loved. I am thinking of using these colors to inspire some jewelry I am working on. I hope to share some of those pieces on here very soon.





I was doing some research for a job and ran across these images on the Anne Selke website. They are bright and uplifting. They also kind of remind me of the ‘madcap’ florals of Lilly Pultzer clothing.

optyvlscmv_321_lgkfdbjiteqt_298_lgjkiowwiiny_299_lgpqmyndusnx_300_lgI especially love the touches of metalics and glass to offset some of these dramatic patterns. They all seem like they belong in an over the top southern mansion. I would love to have even just a few of these pillows to brighten up my bedroom.

In a recent issue of Traditional Home I was drawn to the elegance of the home of Loi Thai. As someone who tends to be attracted to bright rich color, like a raccoon to shiny things, it was so wonderful and strange to me that a home with so little color could be so intriguing.

Photographs by Erik Johnson

Photographs by Erik Johnson

I do love how the only really vibrant color is introduced through books. Even the accessories are muted tones and soft golds.

Photographs by Erik Johnson

Photographs by Erik Johnson

It is the subtlety that is so beautiful. I feel like I need to look at each item closely and take my time in this room. It inspires quiet time and thoughtfulness. This kind of simplicity in color creates that same since of peace that I was talking about in a previous post, creating Zen at home.

Loi Thai is clearly a talented designer and it is really cool that he furnished many of these items out of his own antique store in Bethesda, Maryland. Funny enough the name of his shop is Tone on Tone. It seems that he really nows how to live by that design principal. Best of all once I discovered his shop online I was thrilled to brows the beautiful and clean website full of beautiful and intresting pieces.

Tone on Tone

Tone on Tone

Tone on Tone

Tone on Tone

I always look forward to the first colors of spring and it is the perfect excuse to do a little spring redecorating.

In Georgia it is already spring time, but I realize not everyone is so lucky. This is my favorite way to add some color and get ready for warm days again.

My absolute favorite spring flower is the Tulip Magnolia and this year that is my inspiration for a springtime color addition.


The color of this flower is almost the perfect medium pink shade that is both warm and cool.

My favorite way to add some extra color for the season is in a well chosen throw pillow. I have been accused of purchasing too many pillows and that I in fact have quite enough. That isn’t stopping me.

I looked around to find a few pillows with this beautifully pinky purple color. So I fell in love with the Pillows and Throws website. How I had not seen this website before is beyond me. It is enough to send me into a pillow buying frenzy.


I love the simple Moroccan inspired pattern on this and the pipping detail around the edge.

I always appreciate when an item comes in several color options. This apple green is one of my springtime standbys.



Enlarging an old fashioned print makes it seem fresh and new and this vintagy bird print has that Urban Outfitters vibe.

Sure the color is a little girly, I’ll admit. Paired with other colors like pale olive green or slate blue would take it down a notch.

Happy Spring Decorating!

Make each day more fabulous than the last!

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