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This new series I heard about while readingĀ  Stylecourt. I’m sure most fans of the store, Anthropologie, will be checking out this one. I didn’t even realize when it would be premiering when I get home this evening and saw it on my On Demand a full day before it officially airs. I do not mind paying so much for cable if I can get an early viewing on shows like this one.

I got to check out the first episode this evening, in France! Every girls dream right? It is not just that this is a cool job or an exciting shopping trip. It is that you get a peak at what it is like working with someone like Keith Johnson. He is the Buyer at Large for Anthropologie and is not surprisingly very grounded and thoughtful while also being able to make good decisions quickly.

The Anthropologie stores have a very curated feeling, like great care and thought are given to the items that are in each store. They are like your favorite vintage or antique shop. Each item feels like a unique piece even if it isn’t. I started as a buyer and manager for an up and coming furniture and lifestyle store recently and it is definitely those unique and one of a kind pieces that bring life and real character to a space. I want this guy as a mentor!

The show lets you in on that intangible, that feeling you get in a really great shop and how it is created. It reads like an artistic professional diary with carefully pasted in photographs.

I couldn’t help, but feel the need to do my own search for french antiques even if I had to do it from the comfort of my computer. I would really rather be trudging through the rain and actually be in Provence.

Click on each picture if you want to check out these online antiques dealers yourself.

Ambiance Antiques

Ambiance Antiques

I want this footstool. This would be so glamorous in my bedroom, or maybe as a unique side table with a stack of books on it. The mirror above, well that would make any space feel more like Versailles.

French Accents

I can’t help it I guess most girls love things that sparkle, but ever since I was a little girl staring in awe of my Grandmothers dining room chandelier I new I must own one someday.

French Accents

I think I would love this bench as part of a comfy seating nook inside a dining room. Maybe with some bright and funky pillows to play down the formality of the piece.

Speaking of pillows and French inspiration.

I want these for my guest room from my new favorite store on Etsy, Petit Coterie.


While flipping through my moms most recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine I came across a great new book. It’s for all of us out there who have a passion for creating beautiful spaces for ourselves, but even the best of us need some direction for our new projects.

Style Statement by Carrie McCarthy is like a style compass for those of us who tend to be a bit distracted by all the different points of inspiration in their life. I must admit that while I studied interior design and have pretty strong opinions of things I like, but it does help to kind of meditate on what really drives me in life and use that as my guide.

If you feel like you need more help than the book can offer or if you are just ready to invest in your personal style then you can do a one on one with Carrie to receive additional guidance.

Check out the BHG website for some of the two word combos that could describe your statement. I’m still working on mine, but I think organic treasure: systematically relaxed is the one that fits me best so far.

Okay so I found an article in Veranda that is exactly in line with my French obsession. A glamorous couple built a lovely home in Pebble Beach of all places and designed the decor around their love of all things Parisian. Click on the image to link to the article.

I have been obsessed with this color combination lately and of course I now seem to see it everywhere. I love the vibrant combination of pale Tiffany blue and either red or coral. It makes me think of the Mediterranean cost line, the terracotta pots full of geraniums and the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. It definitely has that resort feel.

The great thing about this color combination is that you can really decide how vibrant you want the contrast to be by selecting a lower intensity red or by simple limiting the ratio of red to blue in the room.

Metropolitan Home

Metropolitan Home

This is my personal favorite. I just love the red chandelier and the Pear artwork is so cool. The powder blue walls are the perfect color compliment to the strong red focal points.



I really like this kitchen because the blue is so vibrant on its own that small splashes of red are all that is needed. Also note the black chandelier. Humm I guess I just love the non-traditional chandeliers.


Traditional Home

This is a great bedroom application. The blue is soft and subtle and just small splashes of coral on the lamp shades keep this room really calm while still using these dynamic colors.



Okay so for real this is my absolute favorite. This living room is so warm and inviting because they used lots of different reds and then added splashes of blue on the couch and in the artwork for a pleasing punch!

I feel like such a design dork when I talk like this, oh well! I’m curious as to what color combos you are seeing over and over out there?

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